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A useful parent's guide to keeping children safe online



A parent's guide to understanding internet and social media slang  


Useful things parents would like to know about Snapchat


Useful advice for parents on recommended screentime



Online gaming explained and advice on how to keep children safe 



6 things to consider to when sharing photos of children online


Useful numbers and organisations that can provide help




Do you know how to keep your child safe online?

Do you know what Kik is?

Have you heard of MeowChat?

Would you like to know more about Snapchat?

If you would like to learn about ways in which you can keep your child safe online, WebWise offers sound advice to parents who would like to learn more about what children are looking at online and how to ensure they are safe.  Most of the content below is taken from this website.


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A Parent’s Guide to Internet & Social Media Slang


Kids these days, it’s like they speak another language! Keep up to date with our guide to the most popular terms teens use online.


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Things parents need to know about Snapchat


Lots of teens are using Snapchat, if your child is one of them here’s some things you need to know about the popular messaging app.


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Screen Time Advice for Parents


Are you concerned about how much time your child spends on their phone/tablet/computer? We’ve put together a guide for parents on advice and talking points with your child on screen time. 


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Play it Safe – An Introductory Guide to online gaming for Parents


Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular among children and teenagers, with 36% of children in Ireland playing online with other people in 2014, compared with 30% in 2011 (Source: Net Children Go Mobile – January 2015).


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6 Things to consider before sharing photos of your child online


One of the great things about social media is the ease with which we can share moments from our lives with others online. In some ways, sharing photos on social networks has replaced the traditional photo album, but as parents we should be careful about how much information we share online about our children. In addition to the obvious privacy risks with oversharing, children/teens are now faced with the worry of managing their online reputation and fear of digital shame.


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Where to find help


Sometimes we all need to talk to someone or get advice in order to feel better and look for a path forward.   This website contains many good links and contact details of organisations that may be of help to you now, or in the future


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Where to find help
A Parent's guide to Internet Slang
Screen time advice for parents
Online Gaming
6 things to consider before sharing photos of your child online



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